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We are proud to say that the positive response by Dutch acupuncturists has allowed us to create and support several ongoing clinics, and begin establishing foundations for new relationships and locations. We currently have a strong, core group of leaders who are looking forward to creating future trainings in community-style treatment, NADA protocol, Battlefield Acupuncture, set-up/operation of mobile clinics, and providing trauma-informed care.

If you would like to volunteer or collaborate with us, or would like to host a team at your group's location, please contact us at

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Annette Tapia-Cornet

National Coordinator, AWB NL

Training Coordinator

Team Leader, metro Amsterdam

Ronald de Wee

Team Leader, North and South Holland

Miguel Fernandez

Team Leader, metro Amsterdam

Marianne Ten Westenend

National Coordinator, AWB NL

Coordinator, Donations & Supplies

Team Leader, Brabant

Aleksandra Boj

Team Leader, metro Amsterdam

Pien Rijlaarsdam

Team Leader, Utrecht

Corine Geelhuijzen

Team Leader, Noord Holland 

Milena Chavez Cisneros

Team Leader, metro Amsterdam

Karin Zwaan

Team Leader, Friesland


AWB NL is part of AWB USA's Refugee Support Project. AWB trains and supports European acupuncturists to work with over a million refugees who are resettling throughout the European Union. Many refugees experience significant trauma from war, displacement, dangerous migration, and loss of friends and family. Acupuncture can help mitigate both short and long-term effects of this kind of stress and trauma.

Annette Tapia-Cornet and Marianne Ten Westenend began collaborating with AWB early in the Spring of 2022, and quickly organized multiple teams of acupuncturists all over the Netherlands to create mobile clinics for refugees.



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