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How to help

AWB NL trains and supports volunteers in creating and operating mobile clinics across the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. If you want to help, please donate your time, skills, or money to our efforts. Our work is volunteer-based, so your donation will go straight to helping us facilitate treatments for vulnerable populations who need it.


We have been offering training in NADA protocol and Battlefield Acupuncture in the Netherlands, since 2022. We support Team Leaders by providing supplies and specialized training in the safe operation of mobile clinics. Team Leaders form their own teams to provide free community acupuncture treatments for pain and symptoms associated with PTSS.

We are currently developing a more formal training program to support future Team Leaders and volunteers. If you are a Registered Acupuncturist or other health care worker, we would love to have you!


We are also in direct communication with Dutch professional organization, Zhong, and local acupuncture schools, to expand internship opportunities for students.


Please contact us if you would like more information on training or setting up a mobile clinic.


Dear AWB NL Community:

This week we received some unfortunate news. VVAA, the professional liability company for both NVA and Zhong, has decided that AWB volunteers are NOT covered by their policy while performing volunteer services on behalf of AWB. This means AWB NL itself can no longer continue to organize and operate our clinic projects. We will continue to train and support individual Team Leaders who wish to continue leading their own teams at their sites. *Please note: nobody has lost or is in danger of losing their professional liability coverage. This is only in regards to whether the policy applies while volunteering for an AWB-run site.

We are working very hard to find a viable solution to this issue, so that we can continue with our official activities. This may take some time. We are recommending that Team Leaders suspend any future clinic plans on behalf of AWB until a resolution is found. If you are currently volunteering at an AWB clinic, please contact your individual Team Leader for further information.

We understand that this is disappointing and heartbreaking for our teams who have become so close to each other and our clients, while volunteering. We ask that you don't lose heart. We will find a way to continue our good work.

Thank you for your generous hearts and hard work. We will keep you informed of developments!

With love,

AWB Team Nederland

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